AI in Marketing

C360 machine learning integrating Capability in Supply chain management can help companies to automate a number of mundane tasks and allow the enterprises to focus on more strategic and impactful business activities


Smart Search

Improved capacity to find information on Google, simplify and explain search improvements using Artificial Intelligence and algorithms such as Page Rank using Deep Learning, integration with Dynamic Ontologies formation.

Programmatic Advertising

Automated process to buy and sell advertisement inventory through an exchange connecting advertisers to publishers. Real-Time bidding for inventory across mobile, display, video, social channels and television.

Marketing Forecasting

Predictive Analytics integrated with Deep Learning, Five Forces Analysis, Market Segmentation, Image Analysis, Cognitive Applications.

Sentimental Analysis

Customer Sentiment Analysis, capture user's reaction after new product or feature launching, Brand Monitoring and Management, filtering the positives and negative aspects, customize product and service offerings.

Use Cases


Message Personalization

It includes Online Personalization, Prescriptive and Adaptive Personalization, Hyper-Personalization, Personalized Videos, targeting campaigns, personalization in Google AdWords.


Media Buying

Monitor customer usage through Real-Time Experience Tracking (RET) and prioritizing depending upon their importance.


Digital Advertising

Diversify communications using connected televisions and digital audio, Pay per Click Advertising, Decentralized Networks, Mobile-First Advertising , Effective Video Advertising, Location-Based Advertising, Micro-moments on consumers.

Case Studies

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