Automotive Industry

As technology evolves, so does the automobile industry with its trends and findings.Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence development have proven that installation technology will soon transform every device we use.


Car Insurance Auto Repair

It involves Network Planning and Design, Network Tuning, Network Audit and BenchMarking, improves customer loyalty, End-user performance optimisation, Network Planning, and investment

Self-driving Vehicles and AI Driving Assistants

It involves AI-driven Predictive Analytics, Telco Data Analytics, Interactive Voice Response Systems, Data Center Management, Predictive Equipment Analytics.

Driver Assistance

Before we adapt to fully-autonomous cars, it makes sense to evaluate the capabilities of AI by incorporating driver-assist features. AI uses several sensors for blind-spot monitoring, collision detection, pedestrian detection, lane monitoring, etc.

Use Cases


Predictive Maintenance

Edge analytics provides fast and decentralized insights from data sets collected from sensors on machines. Manufacturers collect and analyze data on edge to reduce time to insight.


Driver Assessment

Quality assurance is the maintenance of a desired level of quality in a service or product. Assembly lines are data-driven, interconnected and autonomous networks. These assembly lines work based on a set of parameters and algorithms that provide guidelines to produce the best possible end-products


Enhanced Communication

AI powered software can help organizations optimize processes to achieve sustainable production levels. Manufacturers can prefer AI-powered process mining tools to identify and eliminate bottlenecks in the organization’s processes.


Smooth Insurance Claim Settlement

The insurance sector deals with managing data from several fields, and AI offers immense potential for improvement. For example, an in-car camera can record accidents that might be helpful during legal or insurance settlements.


Car Manufacturing

Apart from elevating the driving experience, AI can transform the way we build cars as well. For over five decades, machines have helped in the assembly lines of the vehicle manufacturers.

Case Studies

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