We leverage DevOps and delivers high-quality software that meets all user requirements. Our DevOps cross-functional teams include architects include developers, test engineers, security engineers and system engineers and administrators

Our Strategy

By adopting DevOps, we ensure collaboration, automation, continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous testing, continuous monitoring, and rapid remediation across the client’s organizational system rapidly, efficiently, and effectively. Continuous testing and monitoring help to prevent outages and minimize user issues and also helps identify root causes of issues, quickly and proactively. at the enterprise-wide scale, it becomes more and more complex. At C360 Information Technologies we have established a set of guidelines, that make each DevOps implementation successful.




CI CD CM Pipeline

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) are an integral part of DevOps. CI and CD helps in continuous delivery of value to end users through incremental software delivery


Framework Design

The DevOps solution blueprint encompasses Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Test (CT), Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Change Management (CCM) capabilities with automated orchestration of all operations necessary for the rapid-paced product development essential for business performance.



DevOps implementation remains a challenge, as it means to bring a new workflow. It may be easy to implement DevOps in certain units; however at the enterprise-wide scale it becomes more and more complex. At C360 Information Technologies we have established a set of guidelines that make each DevOps implementation successful.



Automation helps personnel to be free of the routine things and focus on more strategic/core work. Automation in a business organization means to streamline the workflows, saving on company time, money and frustration.


API Integrations

API integration is a specialist activity. It includes, finding the relevant API, and then integrating that API with your software. During API integration we ensure that there is periodical testing and monitoring of the application programming interface.



Python is one of the most versatile programming languages. Python is quite popular among Data Scientists and AI specialists. Significantly, it is used to build solutions for fintech, travel, booking, transportation and healthcare products



Our team helps in Cloud infrastructure monitoring across Cloud native and hybrid environments. We provide visibility across PaaS and container technologies like Kubernetes, OpenShift, and Cloud Foundry, process detection and resource utilization, network usage and performance, log monitoring, and even third-party data and event integration.


Log collectors(Events, Alerts, Incidents, Tickets)

Cloud security includes protection of data, applications, and infrastructures involved in cloud computing. Many aspects of security for cloud environments, public, private, or hybrid cloud are the same as for any on-premise IT architecture.


Service availability

Cloud service availability means anywhere and anytime access to services, tools and data. This calls for establishing global companies with completely integrated and unified IT systems. With the rise of infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service providers, the always-on cloud service has come into existence and the costs of building such a service have decreased dramatically.



Our Cloud architects utilize different tools to collect info about various cloud resources and analyze them against best practices and give a JSON, CSV, HTML, or PDF reports.



Auto Remediation is an MIT open-source project and subject to change. Cloud Conformity will use commercially reasonable efforts to support the previous version of the project. This project is provided on an ‘AS IS’ and ‘WHEN AVAILABLE’ basis


Cycle Framework setup

Framework means collections of development tools, middleware, and database services that help in creation, deployment and management of cloud applications. There are IaaS and PaaS Frameworks.


Whole Monitoring Management

Whole monitoring management includes evaluation, monitoring and managing the Cloud based services, applications, and infrastructure.

Our Offerings



The goal is to make deploying and managing complex distributed systems easier for developers interested in Linux containers. It was designed by Google engineers experienced with writing applications that run in a cluster.



For many organizations, a big part of DevOps’ appeal is software automation using infrastructure-as-code techniques. This book presents developers, architects, and infra-ops engineers with a more practical option. You’ll learn how a container-centric approach from OpenShift can help your team deliver quality software through a self-service view of IT infrastructure.


Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry provides a highly efficient, modern model for cloud native application delivery on top of Kubernetes. It makes going from code to running apps as easy as a single cf push command.


Log monitoring

Tools used for monitoring and logging can vary immensely. The market is saturated with competitors, each claiming to offer a unique take on log file monitoring and alerting


Third-party data and event integration

In order to pull in all of that information into your mobile app there needs to be integration set up. This saves you much time and potential headaches because it means you are only entering your data in one place rather than having to enter the same information in multiple places – your database, our content management system, etc.


Network usage and performance

Network utilization is the amount of traffic on the network compared to the peak amount that the network can support. This is generally specified as a percentage. ... Infrastructure - The layout of the internal network and the devices attached to it impact network performance.

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