Apparently, Insurance companies, in particular, have a lot to gain from investing in AI-enabled technology that can not only automate the scheduling of executive-level tasks but can also enrich service quality by helping agents make right decisions and irrefutable judgments.


Predictive Analytics for proactive measures

It involves Network Planning and Design, Network Tuning, Network Audit and BenchMarking, improves customer loyalty, End-user performance optimisation, Network Planning, and investment

Marketing and relevant products

It involves AI-driven Predictive Analytics, Telco Data Analytics, Interactive Voice Response Systems, Data Center Management, Predictive Equipment Analytics.

Automated repair cost estimation

Before we adapt to fully-autonomous cars, it makes sense to evaluate the capabilities of AI by incorporating driver-assist features. AI uses several sensors for blind-spot monitoring, collision detection, pedestrian detection, lane monitoring, etc.

Application processing

While performing this task manually can take too long and prone to errors, document capture technologies enable insurance companies to automatically extract relevant data from application documents and accelerate insurance application processes with fewer errors and improved customer satisfaction

Use Cases


Insurance pricing

AI can assess customers’ risk profiles based on lab testing, biometric data, claims data, patient-generated health data, and identify the optimal prices to quote with the right insurance plan


Document creation

Insurance companies need to generate high volumes of documents, including specific information about the insurer. While creating these documents manually consumes time and prone to errors, using AI and automation technologies can generate policy statements without mistakes.


Claim fraud detection

29% of insurers have admitted to lying to their car insurance company to gain coverage in the US. AI-powered predictive analytics and text analysis tools might detect fraudulent claims based on business rules with data captured from the claimant’s story.


Integration with IoT and smart devices

With the increasing popularity of IoT devices in their daily lives, there will be more data to process for insurance companies to assess customer risk profiles better.

Case Studies

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