Supply Chain
and Logistics

C360 machine learning integrating Capability in Supply chain management can help companies to automate a number of mundane tasks and allow the enterprises to focus on more strategic and impactful business activities.


Bolstering planning and scheduling Activities

By implementing C360 AI in supply chain and logistics, supply chain managers can enhance their decision making by predicting building-up bottlenecks, unforeseen abnormalities, and solutions in order to streamline production scheduling that otherwise tends to be highly variable due to dependencies on manufacturing operations management.

Intelligent Decision Making

C360 AI-lead supply chain optimization software amplifies important decisions by using cognitive predictions and recommendations on optimal actions. This can help enhance overall supply chain performance.

End - to - End Visibility

With the complex network of supply chains that exist today, it is critical for manufacturers to get complete visibility of the entire supply value chain, with minimal effort.

Actionable Analytical Insights

Several companies today lack key actionable insights to drive timely decisions that meet expectations with speed and agility

Inventory and Demand Management

C360 AI & ML principles create highly accurate predictions of future demand based. For example, forecasting the decline and end-of-life of a product accurately on a sales channel.

Use Cases


Reduction In Forecast Errors

Machine Learning serves as a robust analytical tool to help supply chain companies process large sets of data.


Advanced Last-Mile Tracking

Last-mile delivery is a critical aspect of the entire supply chain as its efficacy can have a direct impact on multiple verticals, including customer experience and product quality


Fraud Prevention

Machine learning algorithms are capable of both enhancing the product quality and reducing the risk of fraud by automating inspections and auditing processes followed by performing real-time analysis of results to detect anomalies or deviation from normal patterns

Case Studies

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