Tableau is a business intelligence and data visualization tool that can be used by anyone. It specializes in transforming boring tabulated data into eye-candy graphs and representations. With tableau desktop, you can enjoy real-time data analytics by directly connecting to data from your data warehouse.
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What is Tableau

Tableau is a leading data visualization tool used for data analysis and business intelligence. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant classified Tableau as a leader for analytics and business intelligence.

You can easily import your data into Tableau’s data engine from multiple sources and integrate them by combining multiple views in an interactive dashboard.


The benefits of Tableau

Incredibly Strong Data Visualization

Tableau is many things. However, most importantly, it’s a tool specialized in data visualization.

Fast Creation of Interactive Dashboards

With Tableau, users develop interactive dashboards and visualizations at ablazing fast pace.

Ease of Use, Smaller Learning Curve

Tableau has extensive visualization types, all geared towards ease of use for the user. It has a far lower learning curve and barriers to entry than alternative visualization software and tools.

Ethics of Tableau


Simple Data Connections Across Mediums

Tableau is an absolute data powerhouse with amazing capabilities for handling large data sets with ease.


Alternative Scripting Language Access

Avoiding performance issues and ensuring dash board optimization is a considerable push in Tableau.


Responsive Dashboards with Strong Mobile Support

Tableau dashboards are focused on incredible reporting features with responsive dashboarding opportunities.

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